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Bonuses You can Get from Vert Shock

As a program, vert shock has been designed to improve the vertical jump that you needed most in basketball. The program will last about eight weeks, and it is actually beneficial too for other sport such as baseball, martial art, high jumpers, and sprinter. Vert shock divides the training into three phases. They are the pre shock phases, shock phases, and post shock phases. Each of the phases has its own exercises to gain strength from your muscle fiber and central nervous system.

The vertical jump program, vert shock, rely the program on a unique way of exercising to be successful in vertical jumping. It teaches you how to twitch your muscle fibers quickly with the combination of type 1 and type 2 fibers that give you maximum vertical jump. The program also give you exercise that connected with the central nervous system consist of the brain and the spinal cord that may affects your vertical jump. The warm-up exercise will also be taught in the program. The warm-up is useful to produce strength and best result of the jump you do. Even, you can learn how to fix the muscular imbalance, the condition where your side-to-side or back-to-front muscle got hurt.

With vert shock, you will get bonuses that this book offers inside. The guide for your diet checklist will be the first bonus you can get. You can learn how to maximize and maintain your performance through right way of dieting. You will also discover the tricks and tips to get best result in this program. Do not be afraid since this book will give list of what exercise you have to do and what you have to ignore. There are four killers of vertical jump that you have to avoid, and this secret will be delivered to you. You can also get the 60-days money refund if you think that this vert shock does not meet the expectation of yours.

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